Course: Eloquence & Clarity for Presentations

We work with teams and individuals to improve verbal skills for both internal and external communications. Companies that want their professionals to feel confident enough to speak up, communicate and present their ideas assertively can benefit from our methodology that unique combines team-building exercises with the challenging experience of being interviewed on camera.


Dominate the information that needs to be communicated. – We work with individuals to ascertain what information is most relevant for the trainee’s specific presentations (be it a public conference or private presentations). We study the material in order to prepare for the second step.


Lights, camera, action! – Being interviewed on camera is a relatively stressful experience for most people. It’s not easy to ignore the lights, microphones and camera, much less the director and interviewer. This puts trainees on the spot and under the same kind of pressure one feels when public speaking or giving business presentations. In our controlled environment, however there is time and space for guidance and support to achieve not only clarity of ideas, but effective, concise and charismatic delivery.


Private Self-Analysis – We edit and privately deliver to each trainee their own “best of” and “improvable” takes. These videos benefit the trainees by providing them with concrete examples of both their best and also their improvable performances. Trainees can then study themselves by watching their own deliveries, reinforcing not only what they did right (a content-oriented objective), but also that they’re capable of doing it right (a confidence-oriented objective).


What’s been filmed is a great resource! – The resulting “best of” videos have additional value beyond self-analysis and positive, auto- reinforcement. There always exists the possibility of using this footage for either social media and/or a cascade of knowledge. This latter term refers to the wisdom, experience and know-how that a company can retain and pass-on to new members of its teams via these video interviews.

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