Video Consulting for Online Marketers

We Help You Create Your Own Videos Step by Step

How do you connect and build trust when you can’t shake hands and look each other in the eye?” Many professionals are addressing this challenge by reaching out with effective video messaging for their marketing, sales and internal communications.

At Plonsky Productions we are helping business clients organize and shoot their own corporate videos from anywhere in the world, remotely. We are guiding them through each phase of preproduction, from scripting to equipment assessment. We are leading them through the video production itself, including lighting and sound instruction, interview training, as well as leading the interviews ourselves if so desired. Finally, we do the magic touch of putting all their material together in post-production, from editing and audio mixing, to stock image selection and motion graphic animation. Our whole team is up, running and at your disposal.

We are excited and enthusiastic to be employing the hands-on participation of our clients to continue to create video messages that are not only powerful and attractive but make them look great, even under these current conditions of restricted movement.

Give us a call. Let’s discuss your needs. We’d love to help you develop your own creative and effective videos to keep those crucial connections with your teams and clients strong and well.

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Before Shooting

Video conferencing with client for consultancy on production
We work with you on perfecting not only the clarity and succinctness of your ideas, but on helping you deliver those ideas naturally and believably.

  • Script creation.
  • Tone, pace & body language.
  • Lighting, sound & composition.
  • Make the most of the equipment you already have.

During the Shoot

Client filming themselves with our guidance
We can be virtually present via video-conference during your filming of yourself or of your team. This allows us to guide you and, if you want, lead the interview ourselves, just as if we were onsite with you.
  • We help you speak confidently.
  • You’ll deliver the “right” message.
  • Would you like us to lead the interview?
  • We can supervise your composition, lighting & background before and during filming.

After the Shoot

Sttls News Postproduction
Now that you’ve shot everything, just send us the clips and we’ll take care of the rest, editing your best takes into one concise & strong message. We can:

  • Place your logo.
  • Select great music.
  • Add texts or graphic animation.
  • Add subtitles in other languages.
  • Correct color.
  • Improve sound quality.
  • Adapt your video to the proper social media format.

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