It is a powerful communication tool to show one of your clients talking about your company, your products or your services.

A case study is a very engaging video where we present your client’s success story and the viewer gets to see the value of your product or service coming from somebody’s testimony.  The result is a very effective sales tool that you can use during sales meetings and publish on your webpage and social media. When we produce a video with testimonies, we study your needs, document ourselves on the message and make sure we bring the right content from the interviewee in a natural and concise way.  We are expert interviewers, we make the person at the other side of the camera feel like at home.


We are video story-tellers with many years of experience creating video content for our clients.  From corporate, promos, brand videos to internal communication videos we help you tell your story in an intriguing and clear way. Use our talent to take your complex ideas and turn them into simple ones that are fun and easy to understand.

Depending on the message, the goal and tone of the communication you need, we can produce your video with interviews, professional narration, texts and graphics. 


The 2020 confinement has not only changed the way we work, but also, the way we’re communicating.
One is left asking “how do you connect and build trust when you can’t shake hands and look each other in the eye?” Many professionals are addressing this challenge by reaching out with effective video messaging for their marketing, sales and internal communications. We are helping business clients organize and shoot their own corporate videos from anywhere in the world, remotely. Here’s how we can help you develop your own creative and effective videos to keep those crucial connections with your teams and clients strong and well.


You can tell we love covering events and incentives and it shows in the genuine smiles that we bring out. People say our energy is contagious.

We cover events worldwide.

We want our clients to not only have the best possible memory of their event/incentive but also to be able to use our videos and photos as a tool to be able to sell their next one.


Internal communication videos are now a key player for connecting teams at companies of all sizes. The more entertaining an internal message is delivered, the better it will hold employees’ attention, which will ultimately translate into a better informed, better trained and more highly motivated staff. 

Our videos help you reinforce your company’s values, strengthen your corporate culture, help you with recruitment, improve efficiencies, update your teams about important launches, teach new procedures, inform about new regulations and most importantly in recent days, promote unity and trust among your distant teams.


A Corporate documentary is a great communication tool for corporations and institutions that want to share their involvement in charity actions. We interview those reps and any other individuals we deem important in the project.  The resulting short and engaging film explains the why and the how an entity is contributing to the betterment of society.

We also produce documentary films for institutions and companies whose purpose is to inform and educate about a reality.


We work with teams and individuals to improve verbal skills for both internal and external communications. Companies that want their professionals to feel confident enough to speak up, communicate and present their ideas assertively can benefit from our methodology that unique combines team-building exercises with the challenging experience of being interviewed on camera.Being interviewed on camera is a relatively stressful experience for most people. In our controlled environment, however there is time and space for guidance and support to achieve not only clarity of ideas, but effective, concise and charismatic delivery.


We bring out the essence and uniqueness of a place. When a tourism project is in our hands, our goal is to help that country, region or hotel shine.

Our artistic eye, sensitivity, and stylistic camera movements and the human element in our shots, result in videos that increase the desire to visit your place and experience its service. Our reel counts on a wide range of tourism videos and photography that promote cities, regions and countries, as well as luxury hotels and resorts.