Virtual Production

With the new business protocols of reduced travel and working from home, marketing and sales teams, communications departments and executives, are all finding themselves in need of video communications more than ever to keep building connections and trust with their clients and teams. The paradox is that just as video has becoming more necessary, it’s simultaneously gotten harder to have videos professionally filmed.

At Plonsky we’ve come up with a creative solution: putting cameras into the hands of our clients and guiding them into the director’s chair!

In this exciting new chapter of virtual production, we’re training our clients in the art of storytelling, interviewing, and filming, giving them the skills to shoot their own videos, before they pass us their footage for professional editing.

These innovative videos not only look great, but are really connecting with their audience. For internal communications, especially, the feedback has been fantastic, creating a certain buzz in our clients´ companies, with an unexpected jump in requests from employees who want to participate in these video communications.

Interested in creating your own videos?
Let us show you how!

We help you create authentic video content

There is no doubt that video is nowadays the primary tool for communication.  It delivers messages in a very engaging format that can be easily shared across platforms.  In Plonsky Productions we are video communicators helping businesses create authentic and human video content for their marketing, sales and internal communications anywhere in the world.

We are experienced interviewers

When are using interviews as the means to communicate the message, we study your needs, document ourselves on the message and make sure we bring the right content from the interviewee in a natural and concise way.  We are expert interviewers, we make the person at the other side of the camera feel like at home.

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