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Our videos help you reinforce your company’s values, strengthen your corporate culture, help you with recruitment, improve efficiencies, update your teams about important launches, teach new procedures, inform about new regulations and most importantly in recent days, promote unity and trust among your distant teams.

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Great ideas that have proven to be successful for our clients:


Got a complex or boring message? Let’s get creative and make it fun!

Like one of our favorite client’s once said, sometimes there are important messages that need to be communicated, but trying to understand them can be as painful as a root-canal. You got to admit, messages about industry regulations and new bureaucratic procedures don’t exactly get you excited to watch. That is until you give it a creative twist. 

With the right script, witty dialogues, splashes of humor and some well-directed employees acting the part, you can create something that not only communicates the essential ideas in a fun way, but that everyone actually watches all the way to the end!


Let’s remember what we’ve achieved!

What better way to boost the sense of pride and belonging than to create a video that travels through the history of your company (recent or way back) and reevaluates its achievements?

A “recap” video is especially meaningful when a company commemorates an anniversary, particularly if the story is presented through the human and sincere testimonies of different employees looking back in time and sharing their priceless memories as witnesses of change and evolution. 

If scripted well, it can also be a great opportunity to reinforce the values of the company and to remind the teams that “If we’ve made it this far, there’s nowhere we can’t go!”


Keeping teams engaged and in the loop

This is a creative way to deliver company updates in a light, entertaining manner where people from your company become the show host, reporters and interviewees in order to share the improvements, metrics, or exciting goals to be achieved.  This format is highly flexible: the roles of host, etc. can change from one news episode to the next; the periodicity can be weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly; and the duration can vary anywhere from 2 minutes up to 20 minutes.

This format is working really well for a number of reasons: 1) It promotes unity.  It keeps the closeness between employees and teams since they get to see the faces, the spontaneity and the human manner of non-professional news reporters (their colleagues) delivering messages. 2) Key messages get shared in a fun and natural way. 3) It engages teams, helping them clarify their ideas. 4) It foments participation. 5) And finally it generates expectancy, as the idea is to create newscasts with a certain periodicity.

These videos connect people. That’s the feedback I get back. I really like it. … And it makes me think that it shouldn’t only be news and fun but that it can also be for spreading knowledge among my staff in quite an efficient way.”

John Settels (Founder and CEO of SSVA)

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