CREATIVE POSSIBILITIES (click on image to view)

Green Screen

Green Screen: Create the magic of Hollywood: fly, fall, travel to other worlds …

Motion Time-Lapse

Motion Time-Lapse: Time-lapse that incorporates movement of camera too.

Animated Texts

Animated Texts: Stationary of tracked texts to reinforce key messages.

Motion Control

Motion Control: Make things disappear, reappear, etc. Anything is possible.

Slow Motion

Slow Motion: Slow it down and watch the fun.

Personalized Music

Personalized Music: Create lyrics that sell your message with professional sound production.


Lightpainting: Send messages artisticly.

Music Video Style

Music Video Style: Emphasis on dynamic variety.

Choreos by Us

Choreos by Us: We design the choreo and train your people.

Choreos by You

Choreos by You: We guide. You create.

Intro Story

Intro Story: Set the scene for your lipdub.

Sing It Yourselves

Sing It Yourselves: This is a possibility if you have talented voices.

While You Go

While You Go: Create your video at opportune moments throughout your conference.


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